Awaken Your Aging Cells
with 528 Water

Nano-ionized 528 Water is known for having the world's smallest water particles. Water molecules smaller than your cells hydrate as well as oxygenate every cell throughout your body. The water starts a healing wave from the inside out.

528 Water molecules absorbed by the cell continue to vibrate at a frequency of 528 times per second.

The frequency awakens aging or sluggish cells to regain their normal healthy functions of expelling natural waste and detoxifying toxins.

Rejuvenated cells promote strength, beauty, and youthfulness for a body that can withstand all manners of stress.

5 Unique Properties of 528 Water

Natural High-concentration Ions

Most commercial oxygen water is manufactured by mechanically dissolving oxygen gas into the water. Most oxygen water particles are 1/100,000 mm in size, while natural 528 Water particles are 1/1,000,000 mm. This minute particle size makes 528 Water overwhelmingly different from other waters.

Fast Cellular Absorption throughout the Body

Recent research has shown that only 10% of the water taken orally reach the cells. Ionized restructured 528 Water can be absorbed by the cells in the mouth, esophagus, and stomach directly through the capillaries.

Reduces Free Radicals through
High Frequency Transference

528 Water continues to resonate at 528Hz. The frequency of natural water molecules have been amplified to attain a high resonance water of superior quality with excellent electron activity.
528 Water can quickly react and neutralize blood metabolites with electrons resonating at 528Hz.
Results of blood tests conducted in Japan before and after drinking have shown 528 Water to have quick positive effect on free radicals levels.

Delivers Oxygen and Nutrients to All Cells

Oxygen combines with red blood cell hemoglobin to carry oxygen to every cell of the body.
The delivered oxygen then helps break down the nutrients (protein, glucose, fat) absorbed by the small intestine to generate energy for the cells.
Ionized 528 Water contains a large amount of dissolved oxygen, which is capable of delivering more oxygen and nutrients with ease and efficiency.

Promotes Metabolism

By enabling the discharging of waste and harmful substances from the cells, your body’s metabolism is enhanced.
528 Water can have excellent diuretic effect which promotes healthy detoxification for wellness and youthful beauty.

528Hz Resonance Transference

This unique 528 Water utilizes resonance transference technology which remotely transfers the Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz into mineral water.
The process restructures the water into minute particles that hold and continue to hold this specific amplitude 528Hz.

528 Water is a fascinating beverage that can be used for health and beauty by enabling the infusion of high-quality oxygen through water supplementation.

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